Net Impact club introduced me to Impact Investing

In February, Net Impact hosted an internal competition around impact investing. Students teams were asked to evaluate the La Fageda business model, evaluate the impact and concurrently determine whether it was a viable investment. The winner would be sent to the “Doing Good Doing Well Conference”, where they competed against other international business schools in a competition of impact investing.

Sidhant Sharma describes his experience: “the challenge asked us to place the role of a venture capital firm that was interested in investing in to the ideas of entrepreneurs focused towards social impact while at the same time generating profits. The challenge consisted of three phases – due diligence, presentation and negotiation with the investment board. We were asked to decide where to invest. This competition was unique as we were not only asked to play multiple roles but our entire skillset was tested during the day. Competitions such as these are more than just filling up PowerPoint slides; it intentionally meshes all the key elements from the MBA curriculum. I would recommend “Net Impact Club” to all MBA students who are ready to make an impact.”

Stay tuned for our next event ‘Social Entrepreneurship Info Session’ being conducted by Lisa Hehenberger on the 28th of March 2017.

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