Empowering Women @ ESADE MBA

Spring 2017 has been a busy one for the ESADE Women in Business Club. Our goal has been to raise awareness of gender equality, discuss the challenges women face and appreciate and empower the women around us. In this blog post we’ll talk about a few of the things we organized.

ESADE Women in Business Club Board celebrating International Women’s Day 2017

At the start of the year, we hosted a panel of peers to discuss issues on gender equality and challenges women face in the business world. Our Executive VP, Anna Tacconi, had the pleasure of hosting our classmates Rafi Kasmadjian, Anastasiia Kryvulia and Echo Zhang. They shared their views and personal stories followed by a Q&A session from the club members. We discussed some of the challenges women face at the workplace – in an open environment among future leaders – and came up with potential solutions for these issues.

Panel of Peers Event

The ESADE Women in Business Club celebrated International Women’s Day 2017 with a bang. On March 8th we invited a professional artist, Clara Cabrera @caracabrerastudio, to campus. She painted a portrait depicting a bold and confident woman with colorful strokes. Clara loved celebrating this event with us, and she mentioned in her blog “I wanted to portray a clever, strong, confident but also a kind and emotionally intelligent individual. A woman who was not afraid to speak up and pursue her dreams. Her gaze was a key part of the painting. Despite the strong colors she had in herself, she still behold a clear and kind view. She was capable of everything”.

Also, to appreciate and recognize women around us, we provided cards and flowers for sale – students and others could keep these or gift them to their classmates or friends. We celebrated the event with food, music and sunshine!

Stay tuned for our future events and blog posts!

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