ESADE wins 3rd place in the Johnson & Johnson Case Competition

Our main motivation for signing up for the Johnson & Johnson case competition was because of the challenge it posed.  Pharma-economics is a challenging, highly complex industry, and we knew it would require an incredible amount of hard work and research. Despite knowing this, we wanted to push our limits and expand our knowledge of this sector.

The harder the challenge, the more rewarding the end result, so we went for it with everything we had.

The project was about creating a market access strategy in EMEA for the launch of a severe respiratory disease treatment drug. Additionally, we were posed with the question to optimally transfer this solution to emerging markets.

The first step for us was understanding the problem and learning about the respiratory disease the drug was meant to treat. We spent considerable time researching about the disease individually, before we walked into our first brainstorming meeting with the team. Next, we approached several physicians and healthcare providers in our networks to validate our ideas, adding them to our classroom learnings and our past professional experience before the MBA.  We had a lot of information to probe, process and condense at this stage, making it very fundamental.

Our experience at London Business School was fantastic. The event was very well-organized and a great one to be a part of. Discussing our solution with teams from other top Business schools was an enriching experience as it not only served as a knowledge-sharing tool but also a platform to network with people of shared passion.  We won the third place in the competition and were commended for our team spirit, knowledge about the industry and extensive research. It was an unforgettable experience and one we would totally do again without a doubt.

Case competitions are a wonderful medium to put our learnings and previous experience into practice. It’s also an opportunity get exposed to different industries, ideas and people without the risk factor – the MBA is ultimately about putting in what you want to get out of it, and these are opportunities that don’t come around every day.  Moreover, working under pressure to deliver the best possible results as a team is an enlightening process to validate our competitiveness among other MBA peers.

We would definitely recommend taking part in these sort of case competitions to future MBAs – you have nothing to lose yet a huge amount to gain!

– Tassilo Mandl, Sonia Praveen, Tanvi Gupta, Davide Pesenti Barili (left to right)

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