SEAT Visit

Another month, and another event for the Operations & Supply Chain Management Club! This time it was the automotive industry’s turn, where we had the opportunity to visit SEAT’s Martorell plant.

A group of 25 students headed from Sant Cugat campus to the plant by bus where a SEAT tour guide was kindly waiting for us at the gates to welcome us to their plant. Upon entering the plant we were amazed on how advanced and organized their procedures were.

We had the opportunity to witness and understand, in detail, how three of SEAT’s vehicles, as well as the Audi Q3, are produced from start to finish. Many of us commented that it was the most automatized plant that we have seen before, especially because just a small percentage of the process is manual, ensuring that SEAT can guarantee high-quality and safety in their products.

This was not all, after walking the plant one of the directors of SEAT explained to us how the SEAT manages its supply chain, its major challenges, and its vision for the upcoming years. This presentation was so interesting, and there were so many questions and discussions from our group, that we had to run back to the bus before it left us. Thank you all for your active participation and stay tuned for upcoming events!

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