Creativity Audit in action – visit Azzuro Innovation, an ESADE MBA startup

Every year, ESADE students participate in the Creativity For Business Innovation (C4BI) case competition. The founders of Azzuro Innovation were finalists in their year, and are among the first to put Ferran Adria’s methodology into business action.

Nikolai Tsvetkov and Ramon Serrallonga are two class of 2016 graduates from ESADE full-time MBA. They chose ESADE MBA because of its entrepreneurial spirit. After graduation, Nikolai and Ramon dived into starting up. They took a place in ESADE Eworks’ garage (The Egarage) and started rolling without hesitation.

Azzuro Innovation session for ESADE MBA
Today on May 10th, dozens of class of 2018 students met up with Azzuro Innovation and listened to their entrepreneurship journey. The main tool deployed by them is the Creativity Audit, a diagnostic tool for assessing innovation activities of any organization, co-developed by Ferran Adria and ESADE Business School. In Creativity Audit, key areas of an organization’s innovation process are examined and measured with numerical metrics. The outcome of Creativity Audit is systematic, in-depth knowledge of a company’s “creative profile”, its innovation position compared against the industry, improvement directions in the short term, and strategic insights in the long term.

As a team, Azzuro focuses on the simplicity of use and scalability of the method. Their differentiation from complex tools has triggered great interests among corporations and there are a few in the pipeline.

Nikolai and Ramon shared their learnings along their journey of entrepreneurship and students had laughs and thoughts. We all consider this a very fruitful session for full-time MBA students who look to starting up directly after graduation.

We thank Azzuro Innovation founders for their passion and we see their strong expertise in innovation management. We wish them great success ahead!

Introduction to the Creativity Audit methodology and linkedin page of Azzuro Innovation: here

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