Health 2.0 Barcelona 2017 – innovation for healthcare

The Health 2.0 conference and Healthio trade-show are annual events which boast a total of over 3000 visitors. This year they are co-hosted in Fira Montjuic. Both the Healthcare Club and the Entrepreneurship Club were present in the event as volunteers for Health 2.0 and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Health 2.0 conference opened with a pitch competition of EU eHealth SMEs. Throughout the three-day event, about a hundred of companies or representatives went on stage or exhibition. Their topics cover innovation for infrastructure, voices of patients and healthcare professionals, connecting healthcare system, regulatory discussions, applications for specific disease types, and also AI, VR and big data (as in every conference nowadays).

Our volunteers hosted the visitors of the conference with the ESADE MBA spirit: high hospitality, great soft-skills, punctual problem-solving and continuous improvement in conference operations.

In the conference we also met up with ESADE alumni Luiza Dobre, CEO and co-founder of Komed Health and we enjoyed her brilliant points as a panelist in Solutions for Hospitals & Health Professionals. Komed is the central messaging hub for healthcare providers, revolutionizing the way we communicate in a hospital.

Healthcare is the next gold mine for innovations and solutions, where a lot of efficiency tools are in demand. We believe the joint force of Healthcare and Entrepreneurship club of ESADE MBA will create the next break-through in this field.

Health 2.0 is the premiere showcase and catalyst for the advancement of new health technologies. Through a global series of conferences, thought leadership roundtables, developer competitions, pilot programs, and leading market intelligence, Health 2.0 drives the innovation and collaboration necessary to transform health and health care. ESADE MBA alumni Aline Noizet works at Health 2.0 European business development.

We visited the very interesting booth of toilet sensor and couldn’t help ourselves…

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