Building the legacy – The ESADE MBA Consulting Club Dubai Trek 2017

Continuing the tradition, the ESADE MBA Consulting Club visited Dubai from March 30 to April 2, 2017. Why Dubai? – one of the leading international business centers, Dubai speaks diversity, just as our club members do. On the crossroads of Europe, Middle East, and Africa, the vibrant city is the hub of regional headquarters of all the top global consulting firms.

The trek was a great opportunity for the participants to experience the dynamic world of consulting in Dubai. The club was hosted by companies such as AT Kearney, Bain, BCG, Delta Partners, MonitorDeloitte, McKinsey & Company, PWC, and Simon Kucher. Apart from the members experiencing office culture first hand, each firm highlighted the peculiarities and trends for consulting in the GCC, presented job opportunities and challenged participants with case studies tailored to the region, in their own styles.

In addition to the company visits, the trek was a unique opportunity for participants to explore Dubai and experience its rich culture. Amidst the busy schedule, we made room for some exciting activities such as the desert safari, visit to the mosque, and a grand networking event with ESADE Alumni based in Middle East.

Overall it was a fantastic experience for both, the companies and the club members. The partner firms benefited by gaining exposure and access to international talent from a top-tier MBA programme as well as an insight to goals and needs of their future candidates. All participants returned to Barcelona with unique insights and a newly discovered passion for consulting in the Middle East. The Consulting Club wishes to continue this legacy of visiting Dubai each year, adding a new layer of knowledge, and strengthening our network with companies and alumni.

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