The Healthcare Panel

On March 23rd, ESADE Healthcare Club held a roundtable entitled “where is the healthcare industry heading”. The panel was led by Felipe Lopez, manager of the Consumer Healthcare Business Unit at Chiesi Laboratories; Deirdre Field, Finance and Strategy consultant for Europe, Middle East and Africa in the Animal Health Department at Eli Lilly; Eric Hurel, regional HR manager for Europe, Canada and Latin America at Actelion; and Filippo Prina, director of IMS Health.

In the panel, the speakers discussed about the challenges and trends of the industry. The main challenges of Healthcare industry include patent regulation, productivity, price press, access to new markets and niche markets, and stakeholders. ”Stakeholders in this sector are increasingly complex and the markets increasingly demanding,” Deirdre Field explained.

When asked about the trends of the industry, the speakers mentioned the sustainable growth and frontier markets. In addition, Prina said that because diseases are different, there is an opportunity for companies that invest less in research and provide more affordable products. Felipe López also pointed out that it is key to enable access to basic medicines to keep the population alive.

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