Decathlon Visit

The Operations & Supply Chain Management Club celebrated the end of Term 3 by visiting the fulfillment center of Decathlon, the world’s largest sports retailer and online sports store.

After taking our last exam of Term 3, a group of 20 students met for a cava toast before heading from Sant Cugat campus to the fulfillment center by bus. There was an atmosphere of excitement and relief after finishing the first year’s courses, but also because of the participant’s interest in witnessing how a top company in Sports Business operates. When we arrived to the facility, one of the fulfillment center’s manager was kindly waiting to welcome us at the reception and briefly provide an overview of their supply chain before we embarked on a tour of the fulfillment center. We were pleasantly surprised in the way in which Decathlon reflects its mission to make sports accessible to the greatest number of people throughout its current distribution model.


Upon entering the fulfillment center, and walking through the different processes, we were amazed on the organizational culture and operating dynamics. We had the opportunity to witness and understand the entire process in detail, from the inbound process to the outbound process, as well as picking and packing. The explanation of the different process leaders of the site was so interesting and they were so many questions and discussions from our group, that they let us execute some processes to understand them better.

We would like to thank all of you for your active participation in our club’s events this year, and we look forward to the fall where we hope to share more interesting events with you!

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