Visit to La Fageda

On May 24th The Net Impact and Family Business club set out on a trek to visit La Fageda and Nutrex. The following post will focus on the visit to La Fageda.

The group arrived at La Fageda around 12pm and got to visit the facilities. La Fageda is a local social business that employs over 60% mentally disabled people while functioning as a co-operative where the employees are provided housing as well as employment.

The farm and factory itself is set in a picturesque place surrounded by La Fageda forest, a rolling landscape of trees and natural fauna.

While visiting the farms we heard classical music playing, our guide explained to us that they put this music on for the cows, to keep them calm and relaxed.

The yogurts are sold all over Spain however they are most popular in the Cataluyna region where they have a local reputation.

Beyond the wonderful informative tour the group thoroughly enjoyed playing with the baby cows, eating the delicious yogurt and learning about the inclusive social business model.

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