Alumna Aline Noizet and her secret ingredients in Digital Health

The Encore event by the boards of Entrepreneurship Club and Healthcare club at ESADE MBA co 2018 welcomed alumna Aline Noizet. Aline was an MBA student of co 2012, and a successful example of a “triple jump”.

Aline came with a lot of numbers, bars and pies: revenue situation of small and medium sized healthcare companies, whether their business models are B2B or B2C, their annual funding and the trend, and the most noteworthy points to attack in today’s healthcare sector.

Healthcare is a slow sector, where startups are maturing. The business is very regulated, and there are many innovation gaps to be filled. How should our future entrepreneurs act, in such a distinguished business sector?

Aline gave nine tips and explained them one by one. These tips include where to focus, where to operate, and how to get pilot. To make our students’ life easier, Aline kindly listed useful resources, and key opinion leaders’ twitters for us to follow.

As a “dessert”, Aline has shown a slide of promising startups in her opinion. These are the next stars to watch.

Our audience included not only MBAs, but also MScs and BBAs from ESADE. The event is eye-opening for the younger students. Being able to meet up with brilliant alumni is truly the value of studying at a renowned business school.


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