Tech and Media Club : Trekking in Dublin

Its official.. We love Dublin. The ESADE Tech and Media club has just returned from a four-day trek to the capital of Ireland where we had our fill of Irish music, Guinness, and of course, all things tech!

Dublin continues its rise as an international, talent-rich tech hub where many of the world’s most impactful companies have chosen to set up shop – many as their primary point of presence in Europe. Our group of 35 students was warmly received by four of the biggest players – Dropbox, Facebook, Google and Salesforce – who shared insights on today’s tech landscape, spoke to their corporate growth strategies, and provided a glimpse of employee life in high-tech.

Day one kicked off with an early visit to Dropbox, where we learned about the Dropbox business model, the impacts of last year’s IPO, and the company’s plans for expansion – in particular, how Dropbox for Business will play a key role in the company’s plan to increase profitability. After seeing their on-site gym, nail salon, and free barista service, we’re ready to move in, and are filing a petition to change the name of meeting room 3D05 to Bocadillos.

The visit was followed by an equally warm reception at Google, where we heard the stories of three ESADE alums and their journeys within the company. Our host Antonio beautifully summed up Google’s dedication to do good by the world through innovation. With regards to a few moonshot projects he told us, “sometimes it’s not about building to sell, rather it’s about building to show what’s possible.”

Early Friday morning we heard from senior management at Facebook regarding the company’s 10 year vision and plans to expand on the core concepts of community and connectivity. This was then followed by a fun Q&A session with employees across different functional roles who spoke to the types of projects ongoing to bring better value to both Facebook users and customers. After two meals at their full-service canteen and a stop at both their ice cream bar and candy cart, we fully understand why we were warned about the Facebook 15 (kilos).

Our last stop brought just outside of Dublin at Salesforce where we learned about the world of CRM and Salesforce’s pivotal role in leading many companies to the cloud. The company’s insane growth has prompted the construction of a new campus in the city proper. We can’t wait to see how the branch has transformed by next year’s trek. We capped off the official trek with some students from UCD Smurfit Business School who showed us a top night out on the town.

Our heartfelt thanks to the four companies for hosting us, and especially to the alumni and individual coordinators who made it all happen. Dublin will have a special place in our hearts and we hope to reunite as interns and co-workers in the months/years to come.

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