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Acceleration of entrepreneurship – 2018 starts the ignition

We’ve started 2018 by diving into the world of entrepreneurship within ESADE, Barcelona, and the world at large!

Here’s a snapshot of what we were up to —

In the beginning of the month we partnered with E-Works on an event about How to get started. Here we engaged in a lively conversation with the founders of Revolut (fintech), Meltin’ Barcelona (events), and Spitche (Digital Marketing) and heard about how you have to #justdoit and be willing to make mistakes (and learn from them :)) to build a successful business.

“How to get started” is the first segment of our Entrepreneurship Club Startup Series, which follows the process of what it takes to launch and manage a growing (or not so growing) startup.

We also got our hands dirty in a joint event with the Consulting Club where, Enrico, the co-founder of a young SAS company, shared a current challenge: how to best monetize the platform. Teams analyzed this challenge and came up with innovative solutions.  They will present to him and ESADE faculty members later in February.

We also learned so-many-things VC from Entrepreneurship Club Board member Vicente Juliá Obarti during an event on the The Basics of VC. Recording of the session will be posted on our facebook soon!

Finally, the founder of DriveMe Barcelona visited us to give a talk on how he turned his passion for cars into a full on company! And a few students even got do drive their fancy cars! This was a joint event with the Operations Club.

E-Club members also attended a number of exciting community events, including the Barcelona Talent Night where we heard from successful startups, such as TypeForm and Red Points, and prominent European VC. #growyournetwork #engage

Check out our facebook for upcoming events, pics, announcements, recommended resources, and more!

(Latest announcement: Club trek this year will be to London!! And we’ll be partnering with the Design & Innovation Club to line up some exciting company visits. Stay tuned for more details!!)

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Alumna Aline Noizet and her secret ingredients in Digital Health

The Encore event by the boards of Entrepreneurship Club and Healthcare club at ESADE MBA co 2018 welcomed alumna Aline Noizet. Aline was an MBA student of co 2012, and a successful example of a “triple jump”.

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Entrepreneurship Club Stockholm trek 2017

The Entrepreneurship Club has just returned from its second trek this year to Stockholm, after the very well received Tel Aviv trek. 20 ESADE MBA students jumped on the direct flight to Stockholm, the “Venice of the North”.

Stockholm has long been perceived as the capital of Scandinavia, as Sweden is, undoubtedly, the leader of the five Nordic countries. Sometimes considered a high-welfare socialist country, Sweden has recovered brilliantly from the 1990s social problems and built up a dazzling active business-driven society. In the 21st century, Stockholm proudly stands in the frontier of the European cities best for starting up a new business, lavishing with its rich resources in highly educated talents, strong financial investment, stream-lined government processes, and not to mention the extremely low corruption rate and well-governed legal system.

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Berlin study trip – Exploring the new venture and high growth horizon

50 ESADE MBA students.
17 startups and venture capital companies.
5 days of excitement.
Invaluable learnings.

The ESADE MBA Berlin study tour for Class of 2018 didn’t put students sitting in a university classroom, but kept us moving from one company’s office to another, with a 7-day Berlin AB zone metro ticket.

In the pleasant breeze of Northern Germany’s month of June, we arrived in Berlin, which was once the greatest city of the world, and was seriously destroyed in WWII. Berlin bears mixed memories of pain and loss, but today it is vibrant and new again, and is recognized as one of the best startup hubs of Europe.

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Creativity Audit in action – visit Azzuro Innovation, an ESADE MBA startup

Every year, ESADE students participate in the Creativity For Business Innovation (C4BI) case competition. The founders of Azzuro Innovation were finalists in their year, and are among the first to put Ferran Adria’s methodology into business action.

Nikolai Tsvetkov and Ramon Serrallonga are two class of 2016 graduates from ESADE full-time MBA. They chose ESADE MBA because of its entrepreneurial spirit. After graduation, Nikolai and Ramon dived into starting up. They took a place in ESADE Eworks’ garage (The Egarage) and started rolling without hesitation.

Azzuro Innovation session for ESADE MBA
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Health 2.0 Barcelona 2017 – innovation for healthcare

The Health 2.0 conference and Healthio trade-show are annual events which boast a total of over 3000 visitors. This year they are co-hosted in Fira Montjuic. Both the Healthcare Club and the Entrepreneurship Club were present in the event as volunteers for Health 2.0 and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Health 2.0 conference opened with a pitch competition of EU eHealth SMEs. Throughout the three-day event, about a hundred of companies or representatives went on stage or exhibition. Their topics cover innovation for infrastructure, voices of patients and healthcare professionals, connecting healthcare system, regulatory discussions, applications for specific disease types, and also AI, VR and big data (as in every conference nowadays).

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ESADE MBA Tel Aviv trek 2017 – learn, see, imagine!

How often do you find yourself standing on a land of conflict, yet feeling stunned by its achievement in technology and business?

In Spring 2017, the ESADE MBA Entrepreneurship Club organized a trek to Tel Aviv. The preparation took 3-4 months, and was mainly driven by club VP Arthur Felizzola from Brazil. We were able to meet up with a high-growth startup, a local entrepreneur, and a venture capital firm to gain great insights on the startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv.

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