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Better Halves Welcome Lunch!

As everyone is settling and back to school, please remember to get your better half involved! Check out our welcome lunch and RSVP on the Facebook page!

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With Hope Comes Uncertainty

By Vishesh Dalal

When I got the option to pick a study tour as part of the MBA Program at ESADE Business School, I had the following options: South Korea, Colombia, South Africa and Germany (Berlin). Being passionate about entrepreneurship, Berlin seemed to be the easy answer as the objective of the tour was to network with start-ups and VCs in the Berlin start-up ecosystem. But I thought to myself, in the near future, will I get the opportunity to visit a South American country, along with my international peers, and learn about I continent I have never visited? The answer was easy: pick Colombia and explore a new part of the world!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Asian Business Club : Review of Events

How quickly, the MBA year flies by! For us at the Asian, Business Club, it has been a very fruitful year. For those thinking to join us, this is a timeline of events we organized and helped achieve.

Read the rest of this entry »

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ESADE Consulting Club Trek to Dubai

The ESADE Consulting Club traveled last week for 5 days to Dubai to build lasting relationships between ESADE and some of the finest consulting companies in the Middle East – and give its members a first exposure to the dynamic world of consulting in Dubai. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meaningful Institute & The ESADE MBA

Meet Eduardo, Júlia and Jim, 3 of a four-strong multicutural team of MBA graduates who are making a real impact. Established at ESADE Creapolis, our Centre for Open & Cross Innovation and based around the world, these 4 students have created a project that is focused on facilitating change, whether personal, in developing communities or within companies. Hear their story.


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ESADE’s Georgia Rose

One of our very own MBA students, Ketevan Sidamonidze, from Georgia (seen here with the Georgian word for welcome on the ESADE MBA entrance wall), has recently appeared in Georgia’s Investor Magazine, talking of her ESADE experience and what the future holds. “The driving force in deciding whether to get an MBA abroad was…to gain global exposure and improve my ability to do social good”.

Georgia may be a small country, but Keti has made a big impact since being at ESADE!

Read the full interview here!

Keti Sidamonidze for Georgia’s Investor Magazine

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Barcelona Startup Scene Rising Above Economic Crisis

JobFluent.comWhile dire circumstances face the Spanish economy during the second Eurozone recession of the last three years, there has been little cause for hope as far as employment goes. Spain currently has the highest unemployment rate out of all industrialized nations, but there is a shining light emanating from Barcelona, where the startup scene is flourishing.

Barcelona, Spain — Joblessness has affected much of Spain with a rise to almost 26% unemployment. Tourism has been one of the only industries still managing to hold it’s own and provide a degree of economic relief, but recent developments in the startup scene have also uncovered a beacon of hope.

Regardless, Barcelona is seeing some substantial growth in startup businesses, while investors are putting their money back into the city that’s hosting a number of events and conferences surrounding these developments. Barcelona Activa, ESADE, IESE are three prominent drivers of innovation in the city, standing behind entrepreneurship within the burgeoning expat community.

Bob Samii and Luke Miller – both connected with ESADE via their MBA studies – have set about creating even more opportunity in Barcelona, by successfully launching JobFluent – a website for jobseekers and hiring tech startups, that allows them the chance to network and exchange skills for promising career paths.

The website is very much focused on startups within the tech industry and has a stringent approval process for jobs posted on the site. Operating predominantly within Barcelona, JobFluent is tapping into the startup community – a thriving niche that holds much promise for the city, its inhabitants and the country of Spain as a whole. With plans to expand into other European countries in the near future, this could be the change of pace that is needed.

Bob Samii, who is a marketing director at Spain’s largest ecommerce company, eDreams, and owner of creative agency, inMotion, is involved with several startups in and around Barcelona. “Both Luke and I regularly receive a few emails a month from friends in startups that are looking to hire talent and often can’t find the right candidates from the bigger job boards. Add a flourishing startup community in Barcelona and other European tech hubs, and that’s where the idea of JobFluent started taking shape.”

Luke is the co-founder of Offset Options, an environmental data provider for travel and large events. Their portfolio includes the largest tour in world history – the LiveNation U2 360 tour. He is also involved with a few startups in Barcelona and London, as well working with other Barcelona founders in holding regular events that bring the Barcelona Tech founder community closer together.

With their combined skills and shared vision, it seems that JobFluent has the potential to reach aspirational heights – for them, the job seekers and startup companies involved. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Visit for more information on JobFluent or contact on email info [at]

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Esade Alumni Event Reminds of Innovation

Last night was Esade’s annual alumni blowout in Barcelona – 3000 alumni from all the school’s degree programs at the Forum de Maresme near the Olympic port. While the event packed two powerful headline speakers in Pablo Isla and Mikael Ohlsson, CEOs of Inditex and Ikea, respectively, I thought the most enjoyable speech was by Javier Santiso from the Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics.

Santiso spoke of how Europe and Spain have fallen behind in the global innovation race. The evidence? That China and Israel have 3 times as many tech firms listed in the NASDAQ exchange as the entire EU; that 4 of the world’s top 10 internet/software companies are from emerging markets; and that telecoms companies like Huawei (China), Telcel (Mexico), and MTN (South Africa) are becoming global giants. Foreign direct investment, which used to proceed exclusively from developed markets to emerging ones, now flows increasingly in the opposite direction – or between emerging markets.

Santiso’s speech, which he said hoped would inspire the audience to start new businesses, was a kick in the pants for complacent Europeans. It illustrated that European competitivity is a structural issue, going beyond the recent sovereign debt crisis and property bubbles.  

At the same time, there is cause for hope for Spain. Of course, it’s easy to take comfort in Inditex, which is the global leader in its sector. But perhaps more importantly, Santiso said, of the 12 startups in Europe that are poised to reach €1bn in sales, 3 of them are Spanish. This week I had the pleasure of meeting two local entrepreneurs from Esade: Luke Miller, who runs an environmental impact consultancy and Javier Castillo, who founded a social network. They prove that innovation is alive in Europe and that Barcelona continues to be a hotbed.

The MBA program has its own program related to startups next month, Esade Quest for Talent. More on that to come in this blog. For videos and photos from the alumni event visit the official Esade Alumni page.

-Andrew Pollen, First-Year MBA Student

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ESADE Student represents Saudi Arabia at the G20 Summit

Khalil Alnammari, a Full Time MBA student (Class of 2013) at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, has been selected as representative for his native country of Saudi Arabia in the upcoming G20 Youth Summit, a premier forum for discussing, planning and monitoring international economic and financial cooperation.

The Youth Summit, this year being held in the French city of Cannes on 3 and 4 November, is an annual two-day event for graduate students from G8 and G20 member countries, run parallel to the real world events concerning G8 and G20, with huge support from the French presidency.

The aim of this event, now in its sixth year, is to promote dialogue about current world issues, “promote cross-cultural understanding and build global friendships”.

Issues to be debated in this year’s summit:

Reforming the International Monetary System (IMS)

Strengthening financial regulation

Combating commodity price volatility, ensuring food security

Supporting employment and strengthening the social dimension of globalization

Fighting corruption

Working on behalf of development : development and innovative financing

To follow Khalil on Twitter during the entire event, simply search for @kalnammari and @theesademba.  He will be back with his own personal views of the whole event on his return to Barcelona.

For more information on Youth Diplomacy and to sign up for future events to represent your own country, visit

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