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Better Halves Welcome Lunch!

As everyone is settling and back to school, please remember to get your better half involved! Check out our welcome lunch and RSVP on the Facebook page!

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Visit to La Fageda

On May 24th The Net Impact and Family Business club set out on a trek to visit La Fageda and Nutrex. The following post will focus on the visit to La Fageda.

The group arrived at La Fageda around 12pm and got to visit the facilities. La Fageda is a local social business that employs over 60% mentally disabled people while functioning as a co-operative where the employees are provided housing as well as employment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Making the Move to Barcelona as a Better Half

As couples and families, making the shared decision to move to another country and pursue further education triggers a mixture of feelings. From elation about the new adventure to anxiety about the unknown, it can be an emotional rollercoaster!

Below, six ESADE MBA Better Halves reflect on the realities of moving to Barcelona as a Better Half. We share the worries we had before moving, the things we brought (and miss!) from home, our most rewarding experiences in the city so far, and advice to future Better Halves making the move. We hope that these insights will help support incoming Better Halves and their families to have a positive experience in Barcelona.

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ESADE E&E Club – Networking event with KIC InnoEnergy

On Tuesday, may 31st, we assisted to a Networking event, organized by KiC Innoenergy, at one of Barcelona Activa’s premises.

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A session with Keegan Pierce

The Sports Business Club was delighted to host on campus Keegan Pierce, a senior consultant at Lagardère Sports and fellow ESADE MBA Alumni. Read the rest of this entry »
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How to Boost your Marketing Career | Alumni Networking Event | ESADE Marketing Club

At the end of our second term, a time where we were all thinking about internships and our future after the MBA, the Alumni Marketing Club put together an event where ESADE alumni shared their career experiences, learnings and tips as current decision makers in their companies.

The event started with a round table where the mentors shared with us their thoughts and advice on what companies value in a profile today. After this, we had the opportunity to speed mentor. This means that we met with each of the mentors to talk in small groups of 2-3 people so that we could ask more specific questions to our personal goals. This was a great opportunity to network and meet people that in the future could guide us more in our career related decisions.

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The Better Halves club has been busy

Written by: Beth Dyson

On February 28th we took a walking tour of the Barrio Gotic with Hidden City Tours ( a social enterprise company that has trained formerly homeless individuals as tour guides. Our tour guide, Jose, shared his own personal story as well as hidden secrets of the streets. Read the rest of this entry »

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Case Competition – GSMA Mobile World Congress

Written by: Biagio Di Leo

When I applied for the ESADE MBA, I knew that the School had a link with the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) through partner companies. What I didn’t expect was to end up  presenting to a panel of top managers from the biggest telecommunication companies in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mobile World Congress 2016 – Barcelona

ESADE students participating in events of MWC

Writen by: Victor Savkin

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona is the host city of the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) and ESADE has organized several events under the umbrella of this international and impressive event. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who will get the gold? | Winter Classics | ESADE Marketing Club

Niklas, Carolina, Rachel & Fernando ready for Winter Classics to begin!

Winter Classics is an ESADE Marketing Club tradition. Put your marketing knowledge to use… at the bar! The competition was fierce at the most fun, interactive and challenging event ESADE hosts.

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Deloitte Money League Report 2016

The Sports Business Club kicked off the year with an exciting event co-hosted with the Consulting Club. The Deloitte Sports Business Group was back on campus to present the 2016 Money League Report, the most contemporary and reliable analysis of clubs’ financial performance in the world’s most popular sport. Read the rest of this entry »
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Meet MBASA outside the classroom

We invite you to have a glimpse of some of the characters in the MBA Student Association

Sara López – MBASA President Read the rest of this entry »

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NESPRESSO Case Competiton | ESADE Marketing Club

Winning team - Naman Mehta; Maanas Mediratta; Eugenia Bolanos & Chad Goble, with judges

On February 2nd the ESADE Marketing club hosted their first case competition. Eight teams competed for the chance to represent ESADE in the international Nespresso Sustainability MBA Challenge. To choose the winning team, the club presented a case challenging students to propose “How Nespresso should capitalize on the opportunities of the circular economy to build a premium proposition for aspirational consumers?”
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Entrepreneurship Club Official Kick-off Meeting

On December 15, 2015, we had our Entrepreneurship Club Official Kick-off Meeting, where we shared the club’s mission and vision as well as the agenda of exciting events we have planned so far for all our club members. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ship2Shop Guest Speaker Event

On December 3, 2015, we received Jenia Popova and Marco Ferrara, founders of “Ship2Shop”, in the EGarage for the presentation of their recently launched start-up. We had a great night sharing ideas and learning many things from their experience. Our guests were also very glad to interact with the audience, answering their questions and receiving their feedback.

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Gastrofest 2015

Gastrofest is the biggest cultural event of ESADE. It is a special night where students get together to represent their countries with food tasting stands and cultural presentations on stage. The 2015 edition was celebrated on December 5th at Club Astoria, Barcelona and it was a complete success with 340 people attending. It is the largest number of attendees ever recorded for Gastrofest, tJickets SOLD-OUT.   With 19 food stands and 5 cultural presentations, it’s was the greatest opportunity to celebrate diversity, try new food and dance to different rhythms. As an open event, students were able to invite friends and family to join the celebration.

End of the oppening    Spanish food 

The event started with an act displaying the 50 different nationalities of the students among ESADE Full time MBA in a parade of flags moving to the rhythm of the song “We are one” and a moving map video representing the geographical coverage of our diversity. Amazing way to start the night feeling the unity. Watch the full video below:

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For more pictures click here or look for ‪#‎esadegastrofest in social media.

The Gastrofest 2015 organizing team was led by Afif Kanaan with the support of the MBASA president Class of 2016, Francisco Colmont.

Team members: Biagio Di Leo, Carolina Sánchez, Farwah Tapal, Gail Noronha, Giovanni Bologna, Janet Lam, Jaspreet Manchanda, Lalitha Kakulapati, Linh Thuy Pham, Naman Mehta, Marina Kim, Nicole Chen, Niklas Martin, Stephanie Hadjijoseph and Yousif AlGhanim.

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ESADE study: Spain is among the top 5 countries that attract the most international talent to MBA programmes

Spain is #4 on the list of countries that attract the most international talent to MBA programmes, outranked only by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, making it the #1 European country, ahead of 5th-ranked France. Barcelona, meanwhile, is #8 on the list of cities that attract the most international MBA students and #1 in Europe per million inhabitants, ahead of Paris and London.

These are just a few highlights from the MBA City Monitor, a new report coordinated by Ivan Bofarull, Director of the Global Intelligence Office at ESADE. The report analyses the capacity of cities and countries to attract international students to MBA programmes ranked by the Financial Times and highlights opportunities that cities and countries ought to seize.

According to the MBA City Monitor, the list of the top 10 cities with the highest proportion of international MBA students also includes Singapore, San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago, New York and Boston.

The east coast of the United States and Canada remains the number-one destination for international talent in MBA programmes, although the San Francisco–Silicon Valley area has been the fastest growing region over the past three years. Finally, the report found that MBA graduates have increasingly come to see working at a start-up as a top career choice.


A strategic asset

“In Barcelona, we’ve seen that around 10% of MBA students from the city’s main business schools go on to become entrepreneurs, and 80% to 95% of them are international,” commented Ivan Bofarull, Director of the Global Intelligence Office at ESADE and coordinator of the study.

“In Europe and Barcelona, the general pool of next-generation start-ups isn’t large enough for us to evaluate the impact of high-quality international talent – especially MBA students,” commented Mr. Bofarull. “However, we suspect that the major trends are similar to those seen in the United States, where a large percentage of start-ups are founded by foreigners and, although most MBA graduates are not start-up founders, they do play an instrumental role in the success of the ecosystem as a whole.”

“The attraction of global MBA talent should be taken into account when assessing a city’s potential to create new entrepreneurial initiatives that can have an impact on the creation of high-quality jobs,” added Mr. Bofarull. “From an administrative point of view, we should try to make life easier for this new segment so that it can generate business opportunities.”

The report concludes that in countries like Spain and France – which have troubled labour markets and are struggling to be leaders in innovation – the MBA population should clearly be considered a strategic asset.

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ESADE Chinese-speaking students meet up for the first time

ESADE’s Chinese-speaking community is growing every year, giving rise to a tight-knit group able to share experiences in Barcelona. As graduates accept positions all around the world, the network continues to be a key component of their international studies, even after their programmes have ended.

With this in mind, ESADE recently organized a tour of Barcelona for all of its Chinese-speaking students. The tour was based on the popular Chinese TV series “Meteor Garden 2″, and students were taken to various Barcelona landmarks, including Parc Güell, Sagrada Familiaand the Canaletes fountain, among others.

ESADE partners with top programmes in mainland China (Guanghua School of Management, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, the China Europe International Business School), Hong Kong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong) and elsewhere in Asia. This year, ESADE has moreover strengthened its online presence in China with the help of Zheng YanYu (’16), a full-time MBA student from China looking to complement her educational background in sports management and her experience working for FC Barcelona.

If you want to see the complete tour click here.

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ESADE Campus Tour

We would like to share with you  each corner of our campus, so it feels like home before you get here!  A place where you’ll find everything you need, classrooms, study rooms, special areas for events, a full gym, cafeteria and much, much more.

Based in Sant Cugat, on the outskirts of Barcelona, we’re just far enough away from the city centre, in the perfect location to study and be inspired, whilst still being close enough to hop on the train and be in the bustling city of Barcelona in no time! (Barcelona and Sant Cugat are easily connected in about 20 minutes by train)

The first MBA campus with it’s finger quite literally on the pulse of business, with more than 60 start up companies sharing this Open and Cross Innovation space with our students, allowing synergies and endless possibilities for networking between students, entrepreneurs and companies from different backgrounds and with different goals.  Discover our E-Garage and ESADE Creapolis Incubator, spaces specifically designed for the budding entrepreneur to work on ideas and make them a reality.

We have been on this Campus for a year now, and so far, we are loving it!!!

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Barcelona – the home of the start up!

MBA graduate and entrepreneur Luke Miller on opening the Tech Crunch entrepreneurial event at Barcelona Activa on 13th December proudly stated of the Barcelona business scene: “We think we have the opportunity, the talent and the city that can attract amazing talent and really make this (Barcelona) the cluster of the future of Europe”.  ESADE MBA students involved in the student Entrepreneurship Club were able to contribute to the event and network with the likes of Mauricio Prieto, co-founder of e-dreams, and neighbour start-up companies based here at ESADE Creapolis, such as WorldCoo, crowd funding company who launched at the event.

The clear message here is that despite the continuing economic crisis, Barcelona is proving to be the perfect home for companies both technological and otherwise, offering a location with personality and style,  a veritable entrepreneurial hub, with places such as Barcelona Activa, 22@ and ESADE Creapolis proving that innovators and entrepreneurs are big in this city and accomplishing great things.

Barcelona, Catalonia

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