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Alexandre Cabaret – Associate Director at Devex – was invited by the Net Impact Club to speak to students about Devex, his role in the firm, and opportunities in the global development sector. Mr. Cabaret shared insights on the projects he’s been involved in, job opportunities and skills required to enter the development field. Students also learned about opportunities at Devex, which spanned between sales, media, product development, and technology. To learn more about Devex (a social enterprise and a media platform for the global development community), find more on and

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Introducing the New Finance Club Board!

The Finance Club had its club kickoff on January 19th. Introductions were made and plans for the new year were announced. Among this year’s initiatives are: holding review sessions for finance courses, inviting local professionals to host trainings, and a trek to visit financial institutions in London.

In the meantime, we would like to introduce ourselves:

Our backgrounds cover all major areas of finance from investment banking to hedge funds and we are here to share our knowledge with you! We look forward to helping share our love of finance with the whole MBA cohort.

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Fireside chat on female leadership

Last Monday we held a fireside chat with Tabitha Hayes, VP of Global Brand Management at Electronic Arts. In an informal setting, with pizzas and beers, Tabitha told us about her career in the super male-dominated field of video gaming, where <1% of senior positions are held by women. Undiscouraged by loneliness at the top, Tabitha made it her passion to develop talent in general, and female talent specifically. She explained to us what male and female leaders can do to advocate for women (e.g. in performance reviews) and to develop their talent (e.g. provide them with opportunities, tell other leaders about a woman’s talent and achievements).

Moreover, she talked about the importance of non-violent communication, implying that whenever someone is interrupted, or someone repeats someone else’s idea in their own words, a senior leader should point this out this behavior and call attention to it.  She does the same thing for mansplaining, or when she notices that people show an unconscious bias towards women in the hiring or performance processes.

Finally, Tabitha emphasized the power of the network. Working in a male-dominated industry, she has always been supported and benefited by female colleagues from other offices or companies, who face the same struggles and want to help each other. Her advice to women: be nice to each other, there are plenty of seats at the table! She also emphasized the importance of men being aware of these issues and supporting women, and she was very happy to see that our event’s attendants were 50-50% male/female!

A very inspiring leader from which we can learn a lot, thank you Tabitha!

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Breakfast with Chairwoman Johnson & Johnson LATAM Consumer Division

Winter time, Monday morning 8:00 AM – not our favorite meeting time in Barcelona. Nevertheless, more than 40 students gathered for a breakfast with Suzan Rivetti, Chairwoman of Johnson & Johnson LATAM’s Consumer Division!

Suzan told us about her 30+ years career, and the challenges she faced as a woman in Brazil, raising two young children while also building her career. She provided us with advice for our careers and our lives, each of them based on a personal story. Suzan emphasized the importance of finding the right company: a firm where you feel at home and have the potential to grow. Moreover, she told us it is important to stick to your values, even if those conflict with the company values or if you are afraid this could have a negative impact on your career. Suzan told us numerous stories where she stayed true to her values, and even left the company at some point because she did not feel respected, but finally it all turned out well and she came back.

We were very inspired, thank you Suzan!

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Marketing around the World!

Hello fellow Marketers! One big focus area of our club this year in addition to organising case competitions like Nespresso, is knowledge sharing and enhancing the classroom experience in the new world of Marketing. On that note, in February, we launched our new initiative called “Marketing Around the world” which are knowledge sharing sessions with Marketing leaders in key global markets, be it Brazil, India or here in Europe.

We kicked off with a guest speaker from Procter & Gamble. In the 1 hour session, we obtained  a good overview about the work of a brand manager at P&G. We covered topics such as ROI of campaigns, customer segmentation, and execution of concepts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Futury Accelerator Presentation

On October 4th, 2016 Futury, an early-stage accelerator visited the EGarage. The company builder had previously worked with teams from ESADE during the summer and the presentation attracted a lot of interest especially from the new class of 2018.

Read the rest of this entry »

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A session with Keegan Pierce

The Sports Business Club was delighted to host on campus Keegan Pierce, a senior consultant at Lagardère Sports and fellow ESADE MBA Alumni. Read the rest of this entry »
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Training to enter the world of consulting

One of the goal of the Consulting Club is to provide its members with the skills required to enter the world of consulting. In order to do so we have provided 3 workshops this year to better prepare students: Read the rest of this entry »

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ESADE is full of Talent!

Written by Sara López

Another small piece of information about what is going on in Esade, things which have, for us, become normal but when you think about it is pretty amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Deloitte Money League Report 2016

The Sports Business Club kicked off the year with an exciting event co-hosted with the Consulting Club. The Deloitte Sports Business Group was back on campus to present the 2016 Money League Report, the most contemporary and reliable analysis of clubs’ financial performance in the world’s most popular sport. Read the rest of this entry »
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Meet MBASA outside the classroom

We invite you to have a glimpse of some of the characters in the MBA Student Association

Sara López – MBASA President Read the rest of this entry »

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Green entreprenours – E&E Club

The first guest speakers to present to the 2017 class were Carlos Kouri and Matías Arellano, both of them members of the batch and of the ESADE E&E board. Read the rest of this entry »

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1st Peer Learning Session — Tech & Media Club

The Initiative

One of the Tech & Media Club’s mission is to create enriching opportunities to encourage interaction among its club members. Building on this agenda, we recently conducted our first peer learning session to  leverage on peer experiences, knowledge and the diversity of the club.  Read on to know more! Read the rest of this entry »

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NESPRESSO Case Competiton | ESADE Marketing Club

Winning team – Naman Mehta; Maanas Mediratta; Eugenia Bolanos & Chad Goble, with judges

On February 2nd the ESADE Marketing club hosted their first case competition. Eight teams competed for the chance to represent ESADE in the international Nespresso Sustainability MBA Challenge. To choose the winning team, the club presented a case challenging students to propose “How Nespresso should capitalize on the opportunities of the circular economy to build a premium proposition for aspirational consumers?”
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Entrepreneurship Club Official Kick-off Meeting

On December 15, 2015, we had our Entrepreneurship Club Official Kick-off Meeting, where we shared the club’s mission and vision as well as the agenda of exciting events we have planned so far for all our club members. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ship2Shop Guest Speaker Event

On December 3, 2015, we received Jenia Popova and Marco Ferrara, founders of “Ship2Shop”, in the EGarage for the presentation of their recently launched start-up. We had a great night sharing ideas and learning many things from their experience. Our guests were also very glad to interact with the audience, answering their questions and receiving their feedback.

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Get ready to tackle innovation challenges with the Innovation Summit 2014

By Anna Bernadó & Nicholas Sayaan

The 2014 edition of the ESADE Innovation Summit is coming up on Thursday November the 20th at the Sant Cugat campus. MBA students from 1st and 2nd year will be challenged to find creative solutions for real key cases, while they spend the day engaging with top talent in a dynamic problem-solvent environment. Google, Telefónica, Yamaha, Gas Natural, Fira Barcelona, Detecon and Cooltra, among other leaders in the industry, will partner in a journey that will explore unique ways to push the boundaries of business and innovation.

The day will start at 9am with the registration and breakfast, during which participants will have the chance to network with guests companies. The official kick-off will be at 9:30am through a series of speakers from the innovative field. LinkedIn & Hewlett-Packard will enhance the morning experience with speeches about the latest innovation trends. After lunch, students will participate in teams in a three hours case competition with a specific company; depending on the sector they are interested in. The teams will expose their final presentations, which will be judged and awarded accordingly by the same companies. To close up such a memorable day, there will be a cocktail at 7pm.

Registration is already open through and at the MBA Café for 25€ for MBASA students and 40€ for non-MBASA members.

The Innovation Summit adds to ESADE’s well-known innovative character. Innovation has become one of the MBA elements of differentiation, with its D&! Club and Innovation Lab. Both players offer a full range of activities, electives and workshops that explore innovative methodology and ‘design thinking’, and instil innovation skills to the next generation of ESADE business leaders.

Click here for more information!

Check out the 2013 edition of the Innovation Summit:

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ESADE’s Georgia Rose

One of our very own MBA students, Ketevan Sidamonidze, from Georgia (seen here with the Georgian word for welcome on the ESADE MBA entrance wall), has recently appeared in Georgia’s Investor Magazine, talking of her ESADE experience and what the future holds. “The driving force in deciding whether to get an MBA abroad was…to gain global exposure and improve my ability to do social good”.

Georgia may be a small country, but Keti has made a big impact since being at ESADE!

Read the full interview here!

Keti Sidamonidze for Georgia’s Investor Magazine

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The Rolex MBA Regatta

Who’d have thought that an MBA would have the time or energy in their hectic schedules, burning the candle at both ends and training to take the business world by storm, to do anything but catch up on lost sleep.  Quite the opposite it seems, with many the ESADE MBA showcasing their sporting prowess with abounding vitality,  wearing the ESADE logo with pride at the several business school events held each year.  

The latest, MBA Rolex Regatta held in Portofino, Italy, where Pedro and co, sporting their ESADE kits, competed against more than 20 other business schools, placing ESADE firmly on the sailing map!

Well done to you all 🙂

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ESADE Campus Tour

We would like to share with you  each corner of our campus, so it feels like home before you get here!  A place where you’ll find everything you need, classrooms, study rooms, special areas for events, a full gym, cafeteria and much, much more.

Based in Sant Cugat, on the outskirts of Barcelona, we’re just far enough away from the city centre, in the perfect location to study and be inspired, whilst still being close enough to hop on the train and be in the bustling city of Barcelona in no time! (Barcelona and Sant Cugat are easily connected in about 20 minutes by train)

The first MBA campus with it’s finger quite literally on the pulse of business, with more than 60 start up companies sharing this Open and Cross Innovation space with our students, allowing synergies and endless possibilities for networking between students, entrepreneurs and companies from different backgrounds and with different goals.  Discover our E-Garage and ESADE Creapolis Incubator, spaces specifically designed for the budding entrepreneur to work on ideas and make them a reality.

We have been on this Campus for a year now, and so far, we are loving it!!!

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