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Acceleration of entrepreneurship – 2018 starts the ignition

We’ve started 2018 by diving into the world of entrepreneurship within ESADE, Barcelona, and the world at large!

Here’s a snapshot of what we were up to —

In the beginning of the month we partnered with E-Works on an event about How to get started. Here we engaged in a lively conversation with the founders of Revolut (fintech), Meltin’ Barcelona (events), and Spitche (Digital Marketing) and heard about how you have to #justdoit and be willing to make mistakes (and learn from them :)) to build a successful business.

“How to get started” is the first segment of our Entrepreneurship Club Startup Series, which follows the process of what it takes to launch and manage a growing (or not so growing) startup.

We also got our hands dirty in a joint event with the Consulting Club where, Enrico, the co-founder of a young SAS company, shared a current challenge: how to best monetize the platform. Teams analyzed this challenge and came up with innovative solutions.  They will present to him and ESADE faculty members later in February.

We also learned so-many-things VC from Entrepreneurship Club Board member Vicente Juliá Obarti during an event on the The Basics of VC. Recording of the session will be posted on our facebook soon!

Finally, the founder of DriveMe Barcelona visited us to give a talk on how he turned his passion for cars into a full on company! And a few students even got do drive their fancy cars! This was a joint event with the Operations Club.

E-Club members also attended a number of exciting community events, including the Barcelona Talent Night where we heard from successful startups, such as TypeForm and Red Points, and prominent European VC. #growyournetwork #engage

Check out our facebook for upcoming events, pics, announcements, recommended resources, and more!

(Latest announcement: Club trek this year will be to London!! And we’ll be partnering with the Design & Innovation Club to line up some exciting company visits. Stay tuned for more details!!)

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Decathlon Visit

The Operations & Supply Chain Management Club celebrated the end of Term 3 by visiting the fulfillment center of Decathlon, the world’s largest sports retailer and online sports store.

After taking our last exam of Term 3, a group of 20 students met for a cava toast before heading from Sant Cugat campus to the fulfillment center by bus. There was an atmosphere of excitement and relief after finishing the first year’s courses, but also because of the participant’s interest in witnessing how a top company in Sports Business operates. When we arrived to the facility, one of the fulfillment center’s manager was kindly waiting to welcome us at the reception and briefly provide an overview of their supply chain before we embarked on a tour of the fulfillment center. We were pleasantly surprised in the way in which Decathlon reflects its mission to make sports accessible to the greatest number of people throughout its current distribution model.


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SEAT Visit

Another month, and another event for the Operations & Supply Chain Management Club! This time it was the automotive industry’s turn, where we had the opportunity to visit SEAT’s Martorell plant.

A group of 25 students headed from Sant Cugat campus to the plant by bus where a SEAT tour guide was kindly waiting for us at the gates to welcome us to their plant. Upon entering the plant we were amazed on how advanced and organized their procedures were.

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Danone Visit

Despite my obsessive refreshing of the Google Maps app, the highway continued to resemble more of a parking lot than a route of transportation. This was the first event that I planned for the Operations Supply Chain club, and I, and the other 5 people in my cab, was going to be late. While I tried to distract myself from my tardiness and imminent car sickness, I quickly warned the cabs filled with 14 of my peers behind me to take a different route, unfortunately, one of them received the message too late. Luckily we planned our transportation with some buffers rather than ‘just in time’ and we all made it without having to use the excuse of Spanish time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beer Simulation Game

The week before the club’s visit to Danone, a group of twenty 1st year MBA students participated in a hands-on simulation of a brewer’s supply chain, and I was one of that twenty! Read the rest of this entry »

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OSCM Club – The Fira Barcelona Visit!

One of Barcelona’s biggest and most anticipated events is the Mobile World Congress that every year attracts thousands of people from the world of telecom and contributes more than 400 million dollars to the economy of Catalonia. Read the rest of this entry »

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