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The Winning Streak

After winning the Vermont Family Business Case Competition and The Syngenta Case Competition a week prior, the pressure was on ESADE’s teams in the Europraxis Case Competition to keep the winning streak alive. Our two talented teams put on impressive showings and continued building ESADE’s reputation of strong performance against IESE and IE competition last Friday, taking home another win for the ESADE MBA.

Europraxis, a strategic and management consulting firm based in Barcelona, submitted the case to ESADE, IE, and IESE Consulting Clubs asking teams of three to tackle the problem of a Spanish milk manufacturer facing increased private label competition, eroding revenues, and changing customer profiles. Teams needed to evaluate acquisition, global expansion, and product diversification options to identify how the client needed to move forward.

Our team consisted of myself and my two roommates, Lucas Vohl and Ezequiel Capandeguy. With the three of us sharing an apartment in Gracia, cracking the case as well as cans of Estrella Damm into the wee hours of the morning became the key element to our success. Through our collective experience in consulting and financial services, as well knowledge derived from Strategy and Business Valuation classes we created a structure for evaluation that first broke down our options, leading us to acquisition as the most feasible and financially attractive option for promoting profitable growth. Following this, we selected criteria for evaluating companies, achieving synergies because of our different professional backgrounds. Finally, we moved on to the presentation, making the slides pretty and dividing up the presentation delivery in our meeting rooms in Sant Cugat. With the structure and strategy solidified, and the presentation moving seamlessly, we were ready for showtime.

The jury was impressed with our delivery, our recommendations, and the in-depth valuation analysis to back our conclusions. Despite impressive performances by other teams, especially our ESADE colleagues, our team took the victory and the internship offers from Europraxis home. Opening a glass of tempranillo that Europraxis generously gave each of us, we toasted the victory for our team and for ESADE, and for one night, did not argue over laundry or the dishes.

The winning streak continues, ESADE is on a roll.

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Syngenta Case Competition

The marketing club at ESADE organized a unique business case competition with Syngenta, the Switzerland based company committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The competition drew teams from both ESADE and IESE and we had 2 weeks to propose a solution that required a comprehensive social media strategy for Syngenta as a company and Syngenta’s involvement at the World Seed Congress in May 2013. Syngenta wanted more customers to learn about its innovative products and also ensure that its stalls at the congress stood out from its competitors.

Our team consisted of Albert Boadella, an agricultural Engineer, Vinay Seshadri, a product developer and myself from the Internet services industry. With a myriad online platforms that engage millions of Internet users at different capacities, our team decided to take a step back and first understand more about the company and its presence at the congress. Albert was instrumental in helping us learn more about the industry and the type of people attending the congress. This set the base for our marketing ideas as we had now segmented the target population for the congress. However, for an overall generic social media strategy for Syngenta, segmenting was more tricky and open ended. As a team, we jointly narrowed down to LinkedIn as the target platform where potential customers of Syngenta, mainly seed distributors across the world, could engage and keep themselves abreast about its products and innovation. Once we boiled it down to LinkedIn, directing users to this focused community was the next challenge. We experimented with Google Adwords and Facebook Graphsearch (since I had got an invite to Beta test the new feature) and came up with cost estimates for both the CPC (cost per click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). Convinced that our social media strategy would help drive traffic to the LinkedIn community, we put together an overall solution for the challenge. Our other ideas for the congress included a mobile app on iPad devices that will present a neat User Interface to allow the congress delegates to quickly build their LinkedIn profiles and express their interests and relevance to the community. This was strategic since it gives delegates the incentives to network with one another during the congress and also allow Syngenta to grow its social media network at the same time.

On presentation day, the team from Syngenta liked our idea and asked a few questions on our choice for LinkedIn. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that their social media team had recommended the exact platform, but were contemplating on how to drive traffic and build this community – the answer to which, was more or less our presentation. We won the competition and it was overall a different experience learning about an industry that was probably least expected to engage customers on e-platforms. Our team is now looking forward to internship/job calls from Syngenta!

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