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SEAT Visit

Another month, and another event for the Operations & Supply Chain Management Club! This time it was the automotive industry’s turn, where we had the opportunity to visit SEAT’s Martorell plant.

A group of 25 students headed from Sant Cugat campus to the plant by bus where a SEAT tour guide was kindly waiting for us at the gates to welcome us to their plant. Upon entering the plant we were amazed on how advanced and organized their procedures were.

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Latin American Club Kick-Off

The much anticipated club kick-off drew an audience of more than 20 students with the shared interest in Latin American Business.  During the event we ate lunch, and were were able to discuss each others experiences in Latin American, as well as our thoughts about the Latin American outlook. Our club’s board also shared its plans for future events, and hosted a chat with the career service director responsible for Latin American companies. It was just the first event of many that the club is planing, and we are looking forward to sharing more with our ESADE peers soon!


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